Sip-N-Go Water bottle/Sippy Cup Sling


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Sippy Cups in Sip-n-Go

Sippy Cups in Sip-n-Go

Notice: Feel free to sell the finished product for this pattern/tutorial; I
just ask that you please give credit for the pattern by linking to
Use of my photos, rewriting, reselling, distributing the tutorial itself is prohibited.
Thank you so much for your understanding



  • Cotton WW yarn (I used Lily Sugar’n Cream)
  • J Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Button

  • sc: Single crochet
  • hdc: Half double crochet
  • ch: Chain
  • mc: Magic circle

R1: Starting with a magic circle ch2 and make 11 hdc in the mc (first 2 chains count as first stich)
join and chain 1
R2: 2hdc in each stitch around (24 hdc) join

R3: sc in first stitch, chain 3, skip next stitch, *sc in next stitch, chain 3, skip next stitch* around
you will end with the chain 3
Do not join this part is worked in a continuous round

R4 -8: *sc in the center of the chain 3, chain 3* around

R9: sc in the center of the chain 3, *sc in the top of the sc, 2sc in each chain 3 around*
join with slip stitch and chain 1 (you should have 36 sc)

R10: sc in next 9 chain 15 (this forms the button loop), sc in next 27 around (this should bring you to your first sc) join chain 1

Handle: Turn and hdc in next 2 stitches, chain 1, turn, *hdc in next 2, chain 1, turn* repeat till you reach desired length and then finish off leaving a long tail (approx 7-10inches) attach handle to other side of holder and then pull yarn through stitches to place button on opposite side of the loop.

Please let me know if you have any trouble or have any questions. I’d love to see any finished projects you make as well 🙂

Happy Hooking 😀



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